Salesforce MVP Summit v2.0

This past June was the 2nd annual Salesforce MVP Summit.  Some background:

-A Salesforce MVP is someone with outstanding community and knowledge contributions to the Salesforce success community.  Nominations are held every release, more info here: MVP Program.

-The MVP summit is an event Salesforce does where they bring all MVP’s to San Francisco, CA for a couple days of round tables, sessions, and collaboration.

My take:  I’ve been fortunate with the opportunity of being an MVP.  I was nominated and accepted this past winter (’13-’14), so this was my first experience with the summit.  All I can say is….wow.  Expectations were blown out of the water with all the knowledge and content that was discussed.  Three things that impressed me:

1.) How valuable the MVP program has become.  Salesforce has really started to rely on this advocate program not only for ideas and community support, but also for road map and beta input.

2.) Trust.  The amount of knowledge and forward looking vision was on high display at the summit.  Salesforce really trusts the MVP group with this sensitive information.

3.) Openness.  The frankness and openness of the product managers was so good to see.  Not only were they very honest with where they are and what they are dealing with, they wanted and solicited our input and feedback.


Overall, just a great event.  Such a great job putting this even on, and hoping its the template for many more to come!