GearsCRM company summit

This past week the GearsCRM crew got to hang out and meet in Cape Cod.  We had to time to swing the golf clubs, visit the spa, and have a drink or three (who’s counting?).  Most important, we had time to collaborate and take an inner look at the company and what we do.  A few things I noticed:

1.) We are Salesforce geeks.  In our downtime our jobs, projects, and hurdles were brought up multiple times.  Not once did I hear “stop talking about work!”.  Everyone had an open ear and enjoyed the conversation.

2.) We love what we do and we’re good at it.  It’s great to work in an environment where we are pushing the envelope and love challenges.

3.) We’re human and we’re honest with each other.  No egos, we’re honest about what we can do and ask for advice when needed.