Delay of Spring 14 – The Positives

Salesforce has delayed the Spring 14 Release.  This counts as the second time in this past few months this has occurred.  Most people will say this isn’t a good thing, however this tends to remind us of some very key points in using a platform like

1.) It enforces that Salesforce is customer success driven first and functionality driven second.  Let’s be honest, it takes a lot of guts to pull back a scheduled go-live of this size.  I actually feel more at ease that they taken this action to ensure we as customers are successful.  Good for SF to make the gutsy call.

2.) It reminds us how fortunate we are to work in a platform that has so many releases.  No other system or software handles or provides releases and functionality like does.  For most on-premise software, releases can be a nightmare to roll out.  How fortunate we are to work in a platform with such a great track record.

3.) It confirms our trust in a cloud platform like Salesforce.  In my opinion, working through this strengthens our partnership with them.

Looking back, this hasn’t happened that many times.  Salesforce has a great track record when it comes to system availability and release roll outs.  I’m still motivated as ever to work in the most cutting edge cloud environment!!