Ran my first 5k

Recently took running back up….because hey, I’m getting a little large!  I’ve made some good progress in the past couple of months so I decided to run a 5k.  This one was in Raleigh, called Dog Days 5k.  Ran my best time yet, I think I’m hooked.


schema builder

I’ll admit when schema builder came out, I messed with it some and then put it back up.  It’s been a while, but I recently tried it out again and was very impressed with how fluid it is and the functionality available.  I built a 5 object data model each with a few fields, calculations, relationships, in no time.  I actually really enjoyed it and will be using it moving forward instead of the standard interface or using eclipse.

Maybe I’m late to the game, but at least I made it!


Apex Page Messages and Severity

So I’ll be honest, I always forget what the apex page messages and severity look like…so then I end up trying a few to recall what the symbols and colors are.  So I thought I would post them for easy reference.


And here is the Apex code, make sure to add <apex:pagemessages /> to your Visualforce page.  Also keep in mind the Visualforce page determines order of message.


Date field in Visualforce

So I’ve ran into this a couple times…I want a date field on my VF page, but its a standalone field….doesn’t belong on an object.  I searched online and between a few posts (namely discussion boards) I found some javascript…so here it is.

On your VF page:

Top of page, or where you want your script statements:

<script>function PageDatePicker(dateId){DatePicker.pickdate(false,dateId.Id,false);}</script>

Then at your inputtext for the date:

<apex:inputtext id=”dateInput” value=”{!randomDate}” onfocus=”PageDatePicker(this);” onchange=”checkdateformat(this.id);”/>