how to determine color from an image

Every wonder how to determine the RGB or HEX of a color on an image ?  Try this:  (instructions via Windows operation system)

1.) Snap a screenshot or use windows snipping tool to snag an image.  For this example, I snagged an image from

google e


2. Save the image and then open it up with Windows Paint,  select the color picker tool and then click once on the color.

google e paint


Notice that Color 1 in Paint changes to your color

google e color selected


3.) Click Edit colors and you will get a screen showing you the RGB code (lower right hand corner).

google e rgb

4.) From there if you need to convert it to HEX, google RGB to HEX and there will be plenty of websites that can take the codes and convert them for you.


Have fun!


is 30 days enough?

Salesforce allows you a 30 day trial….that made me wonder, is 30 days enough to try out?  Maybe…of course that depends on the person and what they are looking for.  How about a person that doesn’t know what they are looking for?  This of course it not an all inclusive list…but a good place to start:

  1. Get a feel for the platform: Get accustom to the verbiage.  Depending on your experience some systems call object different things…Accounts/Companies, Contacts/People, Opportunity/Deal…you’ll get the picture.
  2. Enter some data, enter an Account with some Contacts, that have some tasks, that the Account is has an Opportunity and also some Cases.  You’ll get an idea really quick how this platform is connected.
  3. Explore the backend, Setup, Setup, Setup.
  4. Add fields to objects, edit page layouts, create validation rules.
  5. Create a report and dashboard.
  6. Create a workflow rule that does a field update, task, and email alert.

I’d imagine if you get that far….you’ll be hooked.  If you don’t and your trial runs out, you can always sign up for a developer account here:

“hello world”

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