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Hi, thanks for checking out my site.  My name is Phillip and I am a Cloud Computing Professional.  I run my own company clicks 2 code.  I’m also a Salesforce MVP.  I’ve been working with and in the Salesforce.com platform since 2005 and currently hold certifications in Administration and Development.  I am very passionate about cloud development and architecture, which brings great challenges and benefits not seen anywhere else!  I have worked for many companies that utilize cloud framework and the possibilities are endless!

I hope you enjoy this site, I’ll be posting a variety of topics so stay tuned and feel free to make comments or suggestions.

You can find out more about me on any of the following social channels:

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Phillip,

    I am beginner in Salesforce platform. In my initial day, I was struggling a lot to understand this platform. There were lot of doubts in my mind, so I raised lot of questions on Salesforce community. Thank God, you were there. I got best answers to my problems from you and other people like David, Amber etc. and it boosted my confidence.

    Thanks for being with me, and all the best

    -Prasad Kulkarni

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