3 Reasons Dreamforce Is All Its Cracked Up To Be

Reason 1 - The divide between Admins and Developers is closer than ever.

The functionality that Salesforce provides proves this time and again not only with moving capabilities to clicks, but the ability for clicks and code to work closer together.  Take flow and process builder for example.  We have platform tools that can call out to code and and work together, and vice versa.  This can also be seen with Zone placement at Dreamforce.  Both Admin and Developer Zones are in Moscone West.  So are the keynotes!  There is no excuse to check out both!

Reason 2 - Salesforce likes to shake things up.

Whether its product releases, announcements, the Gala, sessions and keynotes, Dreamforce is place for innovators and disruptors.  Every Dreamforce conference is unique and comes with a different vibe.  Attend any keynote, look at any roadmap, talk to anyone at any zone, Salesforce is looking to the future in how it builds cloud functionality.

Reason 3 – If walk away empty handed, its your own fault.

The anxiety with every Dreamforce isn’t if you walk away with something, its how do you craft your agenda to maximize the most potential. What is “something” you ask?  It could be knowledge from the 1500 sessions.  It could be inspiration from the keynotes.  It could be strategic plans from the roadmaps.  It could be partnerships from other clients and vendors.  It could be a broader network through the community on hand.  With so much to be involved in, it’s impossible to walk away from Dreamforce empty handed.


Getting Ready for Dreamforce!

Ok I’ll admit it, when I saw there is a trailhead badge for Getting Ready for Dreamforce, I really didn’t give it much credit.   Sure I thought, it will have some fluff information in there and I thought it would be more marketing than meat.

You hear about the 1500 sessions, keynotes, the expo and gala, same old same old…..and then I did the badge, and remembered I’ve been fortunate to attend more then a few Dreamforce’s.  I also remember my first time attending the conference……I was overwhelmed and exhausted trying to keep up.  I wish I had something like the Getting Ready for Dreamforce badge back then.

I just got the badge….and it was a great set of information, quick and precise, and some pro-tips along the way.

Get your Dreamforce badge?….get it the day before the conference, the day of will have long lines.  Prepare the day before, the next few days will be a sprint and a marathon all in one.

Develop a Dreamforce strategy?  Soooooo true, after my first Dreamforce experience I learned to come to the conference with a plan based on short and long terms goals.  Plan some downtime, some free style time, slice and dice your session searching by roles, products, and themes.  All great information to keep in mind.

Admin Zone vs Dev Zone? Both….just because you are one or the other doesn’t mean you have to stay in the respected Zone, you need to check out both.  Challenge yourself in both areas to learn and connect.

It’s also refreshing to see Salesforce up front on a couple things:

  1. When agenda builder goes live, act quick.  By now the agenda builder has been live for a while, but its refreshing to see Salesforce remind us about it, instead of the pro’s knowing it by experience and the newcomers being caught off guard.
  2. Success Community involvement, get in there and stay connected.  Through the Success Community, all your connections you make at Dreamforce will live on year round!

For some additional Dreamforce hacks, check out my post from last year’s event: my top 6 dreamforce hacks.

Oh and also….I’m #DF15 ready! :)

Are you? #DF15 Ready

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